The Transition to Driverless Cars is a Once-in-a-Century Opportunity

How big is the story? Like the first cars were to the horse and buggy!

Few undertakings will deliver the impact on the U.S. (and global) economy comparable to vehicle automation.

Are you making the most of this opportunity to help your customers understand your products and services as part of the bigger story of the biggest change in transportation in over 100 years?  Automobile travel has certainly changed dramatically since the early 1900s.  Greater speed, efficiency, reliability, safety, reduced emissions, and luxury all speak to this progress.  Yet in one key respect very little has changed:  Someone still needs to devote their full attention to driving the vehicle.  With about 3 trillion vehicle miles traveled each year in the U.S. alone, that’s a lot of time spent in what is mostly a tedious, grinding task:  commuting in rush hour traffic.  That’s about to change for the better, a change that’s over 100 years in the making.  As a part of that change, you can claim this story as your own.

The potential economic benefit is several hundred billion dollars annually, 2% or more of GDP.

Whatever part your company plays in realizing a future where automobiles are able to drive themselves better than humans can, you can weave the entire story of the benefits this transition will deliver throughout your marketing and messaging.  Sure Apple has a great product and they sure don’t miss a chance to remind us of their great story.  Honestly though, how does it compare to the story of dramatically reducing the annual carnage on our roads and highways?  Or the tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer savings in road construction costs?  Or the even greater savings in worker productivity?  And what about the 5 billion hours potentially recovered that are currently wasted in traffic congestion?  This is tale with so many rich angles to play!

Yet few of the architects/partners of the emerging driverless transportation system speak effectively of the astonishing benefits this new method of auto mobility will deliver.

When you communicate how your business serves to bring forth the promise of driverless vehicles, you position yourself as a leader in this transformation.  You also educate the broader market, helping to ensure that autonomous transportation comes to full fruition.

Linking a product or service to a bigger story – the bigger the better – is a powerful brand builder.  Few stories today are bigger than the benefits of driverless technology.

Does your messaging speak to the magnitude of the opportunity presented by driverless cars?

See how Seer Communications can help you claim your piece of the story.