Marketing and Communication Services for those with a Stake in the Future with Driverless Cars

Seer Communications was founded specifically to help businesses and government organizations develop and implement communication strategies for their core constituencies concerning the transition to driverless cars.  Here's how we can assist you:

Internal Communication Strategy:  The first step in developing an effective messaging program for driverless cars is to make sure your organization speaks with a carefully determined, consistent voice on the subject.

This requires identifying an agreed set of talking points and providing appropriate training for staff:

  • Strategy Development: Facilitate internal discussions to develop comprehensive positioning
  • Staff Development: Personnel training and creation of internal communication guides
  • Spokesperson Development: Identify and train specific staff to respond to external queries on this subject

This internal project secures a unified front and sets the stage for implementing a proactive external strategy.

External Communication Strategy:  The enormity of the opportunity requires a proactive, outward communication strategy.  Establishing thought leadership and trust with affected stakeholders will strengthen brand and create barriers to latecomers to the conversation about vehicles that drive themselves.

The first step is to identify and prioritize the key stakeholders.  Then determine the most effective way(s) to reach these constituencies, based on where the market is in the transition cycle to driverless vehicles.  Depending on the target audience, this could involve the following:

  • Education: White Papers, articles, newsletters, case studies, web content
  • Events: speeches, webinars, conferences
  • Product/service promotion: product/service announcements, advertising

We will collaborate with your staff and external agencies to ensure that your messaging is consistent across all platforms and appropriate to the stage of transition to driverless cars.  Those who establish themselves as leaders in this rapidly emerging transformation will be best positioned to capture the lion's share of the opportunity that will open up as this transition unfolds.

We urge you to contact us now.  Given the scope of the opportunity, can you afford to wait?