OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am Steve Garfink, a business writer with a passion and drive for explaining what’s new, what’s valuable, what’s interesting.  I take on large projects with a broad communication task that requires my immersion in your products and services.  My services are primarily offered to the constellation of companies, research organizations and governments who are working today to shepherd the transition to a driverless future, where human driving is replaced by automated driving.  I can show you how and where to modify your organization’s messaging to leverage your role in helping bring driverless automobile transportation to fruition.  In addition, if your industry has a different transformational story to tell, I can work with you to craft a compelling and attention-grabbing narrative to firmly connect your business to the highest possible benefit set.

I spent five years researching and developing communication concepts around a set of patents for an automated infrastructure system called QwikLane, that would support driverless travel.  While the technology solution set has moved on from that of a separate infrastructure, the benefits of automated driving remain the same.  Moreover, the rapid development of the driverless vehicle substantially reduces the barriers to entry for this emerging market.  My research experience lends me unique insight into all these developments.

My work experience in finance, strategic planning, and general management provides me broad insight into the operation of businesses and markets.  I enjoyed a varied career that included a position as controller for a $50 million multi-year, multi-country regional agronomy and small business US AID development program in West Africa, environmental services management in waste-water treatment facilities, permitting, and on-site remediation, and technology opportunities in security software and most recently vehicle automation.  My education includes a BA degree with honors from Yale in International Development Studies and an MBA from Stanford in Finance and Public Management.