Have you started communicating the importance of driverless car technologies to your key stakeholders?

Driverless cars are coming to market – sooner, rather than later. Because everyone will be affected, much is at stake. How you frame the conversation around your part in this transition is critical to winning over your stakeholders. Seer Communications can help you ensure that your messaging brings your key constituencies on board.

The promise of driverless vehicles is difficult to exaggerate (see The Story) and engineers are rapidly overcoming the remaining technical challenges.  The transition from manually driven vehicles to autonomous vehicles could well prove as disruptive as that from the horse-and-buggy to the automobile a century ago.  Back then, in less than a generation, human mobility changed forever.

Today, the potential for everyone to have a 24/7 technology-based chauffeur at their beck and call is a shift of comparable magnitude that is already well underway.  As was the case before, there will be winners and losers.  The winners this time will be adept at both their technological contribution to this change as well as their ability to communicate effectively about their technologies to their key stakeholders.

You must proactively engage those stakeholder groups that are critical to your success in a conversation about what this change means for them and how you will help them successfully navigate this transition.  If you don’t frame this conversation, other parties are likely to do so in a manner that may be detrimental to your interests.  Seer Communications was founded to help you with this vital communications challenge: find out how we can help tell your story.